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Fashion Tips For Men Over 40

When you hit age 40, there is a good chance you will feel like you have a fulfilling and secure lifestyle. You feel secure about your career, your family, and even your style. Your unique sense of fashion may not be as secure as you think though. Over the past 20 years or so, styles have changed constantly, but you believe you have chosen a timeless and classic style to wear. However, even though the suits, chinos, and patterns you wore five years ago might have rocked, do they still work today?

Tips For Men’s Fashion

Finding the right sense of fashion after all these years can be difficult. Here are a few tips you should consider when you are trying to figure out if your style is right for today’s society.

    • Avoid the Fads – You have most likely seen ‘the best’ styles changes constantly from year to year. Even in today’s world, there are fashion marketing campaigns, urging you to dress a certain way. Don’t fall for these ploys. By the time you are 40, your style should be timeless, not set in time. Most fads are aimed at certain age demographics, so many of them may not even work well for your age group. For instance, you would probably not look great wearing light up sneakers and a pair of skinny jeans with holes in the knees, even if every magazine is telling you that is what is in style.
    • Business vs Style – Even though your crisp dress shirt, silk tie, and two piece navy blue herringbone suit is the epitome of fashion in the workplace, it may not be the best option for fun after hours and on the weekends. Don’t confuse the two. Instead of strutting through a club or nice restaurant in your suit, choose a nice pair of chinos and a blazer.
    • Let the Past Go – While it may be tempting to celebrate when old fashions come back in style, don’t be fooled into pulling out your old wardrobe from the back of the closet. Chances are, these fashions are not exactly what they used to be. They typically have been updated to make them more contemporary and stylish.
    • Simplify It – One of the best fashion tips for men over 40 is keeping your wardrobe simple. Gone are the days of being flamboyant. Leave that style for men in their 20s and 30s. Your style should now be timeless, subdued, and sophisticated. Keep a clean and simple appearance as well. Your clothes should also be crisp and impeccable.
  • Be Proud Of You – If you really want to look great during your 40s, be proud of your age and your looks. Don’t try to stay in your 20s and adopt that generation’s style. Wearing age-appropriate fitted clothing and keeping yourself well-groomed is the best way to show off your masculine sophistication and your extraordinary sense of style.
Fashion Clothing

Top 5 Men Fashion Tips

1. Be Yourself

It’s great to wear clothes that are in fashion, but you don’t want to look like everyone else, try and portray yourself in all your outfits.

You can do this in very subtle ways. Find accessories that compliment what you wear, but still show the world who you are.

1. Mix it Up!

Wearing the same style day in and day out is extremely boring. Humans are naturally creative creatures and it’s in your best interest to use your creative instincts to create new looks. This might be a hat that you normally wouldn’t wear, or a shirt you’ve been relentlessly avoiding. Take any opportunity to incorporate unique items into your daily outfits and you will be well on your way to a cool new look. which brings me to my next point.

3. Take Risks

All of the advances mankind has ever made has been from taking risks and making mistakes. Fashion is the same, it’s about feeling good not just looking good and you’re probably aware that the two go hand in hand. If you feel good you will naturally radiate good looks and this is what fashion is all about. Be strong in your mind set, if you think you look good and you feel sexy wearing it, then it is very likely you look sexy in it.

4. Workout!

It’s been statistically proven time and time again that ladies prefer guys with a nice chest, wide shoulders and small waist- It’s fact so deal with it. In this day and age there are many many resources that are available to you, ranging from diet through to shaping specific body muscles, so there is no excuse to not be hitting the gym.

In reality all you need is 40 minutes a day 3-4 times a week and you can have a great body. I tell you this because “I did it” I went from being a 60kg chump to a 95kg cut machine, and let me tell you my love life improved dramatically. This is the tip that will have the biggest impact in your life, I know it sounds cliche, but it’s true.

This brings me to my final tip…

5. Tailoring

It seriously doesn’t matter what brands you wear or how much they cost, the only thing that matters is whether or not the clothes you wear look good. Fashion is as simple as that and the best way to make sure your clothes look good is if they fit your body. This means you should ALWAYS get your clothes tailored.

Fashion Clothing

Fashion Tips All Men Should Know

Here are a few fashion essentials all modern men should be aware of. Many of them are not even about fashion but help you look the part. This will be good news for the army of men out there not wanting to follow fashion but still wanting to impress.

Improve your posture

Perhaps the biggest fashion tip of all has nothing to do with fashion itself. It’s about improving your posture when you walk, when you stand and when you sit. An army of office workers today slouch at their desk and walk like their grandparents.

Stand straight, pull back your shoulders, push that ribcage out and look straight ahead, not down to the ground. You will exude confidence and for a man, this is worth much more than what the most expensive suit can achieve and is what makes you manly in the eyes of women: confidence to tackle all of life’s difficulty, confidence in your ability to overcome adversity.

Look after your clothes and they will look after you

To store your shirts and suits in better conditions and for longer, use wide and stout coat-hangers. Thin metal hangers leave creases and sometimes stain the fabric. With heavy suits, they even get bent. Wide and rounded plastic hangers are cheap and do the job just fine, no need to go for the more expensive wooden hanger.

Learn how to repair a button. Man is in the 21st century and many live alone. There is no point in relying on a woman to do something as simple as that. In fact, it makes you look manlier in that you do not shy away from manipulating something as insignificant and small as a needle and helps you ascertain your independence.

And the unavoidable fashion tips

It is OK to have a few mismatched items of menswear. Men are men, they do not have handbags that need to match shoes, gloves that need to match scarfs and hats, matching earring and necklace sets and so on. So if you wear a brown belt and dark brown shoes with black trousers, it’s not the end of the world as long as your clothes look smart and clean. Don’t stress unduly about colour coordination.

Since when was a denim shirt a proper shirt? Leave them alone or if you really love denim, at least don’t wear them together will denim jeans. Denim shirts are best worn over a t-shirt or vest when the weather is neither warm nor cold enough to warrant a sweater or jacket.

Fashion Clothing

Search For The Most Beautiful Cheap Dress

Women are considered to be the largest consumers in the US and are constantly searching for that true bargain when it comes to shopping for dresses. Not only do women want their dress to be stylish and versatile, they also want to be able to get the best quality dress for the best price. There used to be a time when people in general did not feel that they had a quality item unless it cost a large sum of money. Now, it seems that most women choose to search desperately for that cheap dress with that perfect fit, and that will stand the test of time.

The most prevalent way to go in search for the cheapest dress is to just get into your car and make your way to the nearest discount clothing stores or boutiques in the area. Whether you are looking for cocktail dresses or a nice summer maxi dress, you will be able to find some cheaper versions of the designer brands at stores like, TJ Maxx, Ross, or Marshall’s. These discount shops often sell brand new name brand dresses at super low prices. Entering this type of store, a person will usually find all different varieties of dresses on the same racks. Therefore, you will have to take the time to comb through the hundreds of dresses to find that perfect dress you want. It will be time-consuming, but if you put forth the effort and you are a dedicated shopper, you will leave one of those stores with a gem of a dress.

If a woman does not have a problem purchasing and wearing a slightly used dress, she can go and lurk around a few different consignment shops in the area. These type of shops can be great for finding an awesome designer dress, which was probably worn no more than twice, for a super low price. These shops have become really popular with teenagers, who are in the process for shopping for that one-of-a-kind prom dress, and with young women, who are interested in finding that hot little number for a night out on the town with friends.

If a woman is taking the extra thrifty route and is a super shopper, she will head over to a thrift store like, Goodwill or Value Village, to find a beautiful cheap dress. Believe it or not, a person can find some really outstanding treasures at these thrift stores, if they spend an ample amount of time and are determined to locate something. Thrift shopping for dresses has also become a staple among younger women, and they regularly come across some stand-out pieces. This practical take on shopping is best for women who are not afraid to step out of their comfort zone in order to find their perfect dress.

Finally, there are also great deals for cheaper dresses in an abundance of online boutiques. It’s just as simple as typing ‘cheap quality dresses’ into your Google search engine, and discovering all the great stores that are available at only the click of a mouse. Due to all the online stores that are in constant competition with each other, they allow a shopper to locate some really great deals at some amazing prices.

So, no matter whether a woman selects the option of driving around town to find the perfect inexpensive dress, or if she decides to sit back in the comfort of her home browsing online boutiques, she can really accomplish the goal of finding something that is a great pleasure to wear as well as satisfing her needs.

There is so much focus today on having to be the ‘perfect’ size to be beautiful. This could be farther from the truth as true beauty comes from within. My name is Debra Fitzgerald and making someone feel beautiful is my passion. Every woman deserves to have a beautiful dress, for no matter what size, shape, or colour, EVERY woman is beautiful.