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Leggings are one of the most comfortable items you can wear and, of course, one of the clothing that hugs you the most intimately. Some people love the leggings for women, and others think that leggings shouldn’t be worn at all. I am among the people who love leggings for not one but too many reasons. Personally, leggings are all I wear in the fall and winter, when I’m at home, and also wear my leggings when I am going out. If you want to wear the leggings for women but don’t know what to wear with leggings, or you’re not sure how to wear leggings, make sure that you that you continue reading. Leggings have been around for centuries; they have been made of various materials and used for different purposes. They have been adapted, updated, and transformed into a closet staple and are still holding strong. Apart from the leggings, the jeggings for women and the jeans for women are no less in terms of fashion and comfort. They may change material and colours from season to season, but you can wear classic leggings every year. Now that you know what you should and should not do when wearing leggings, let’s review a couple of stylish ways you could wear leggings.


  • Wear leggings with a button down: In this outfit, you can wear a black legging with a cute black and white polka-dot button-down shirt. Accentuate the loose top at the waist with a black belt so to not lose your figure. The shirt should be long enough to cover the behind, so as to keep the look classy. Also add a pair of dark burgundy heels and a mini cross body bag with a gold chain. Keep the accessories to a minimum with a classic pearl necklace, one gold bracelet, and earrings.

  • Wear Leggings with an oversized cardigan and boots: Pairing leggings with an oversized cardigan and high boots is classic for the fall. This outfit is stylish, cozy, comfortable and my favourite way to wear leggings in the colder months.
  • Wear leggings with a chambray shirt and boyfriend tee: Leggings for women are my preferred bottoms for long road trips. They are the most comfortable and stylish option for times when you’re going to be sitting for hours. When wearing leggings for a road trip remember to layer and wear comfortable shoes, like flats.


When the trend of leggings and jeggings has taken over since then all are less incline towards jeans for women. The stretchable jeans for women are even then doing better than the ones which are not stretchable. You’ve seen them, you’ve judged them, and you’ve definitely considered purchasing jeggings for women – but the real question is, how do you actually wear the jeggings for women. Here are some do’s and don’ts for jeggings for you: –

  • If you’re rocking the style sans pockets, avoid pairing them with any top that doesn’t hit your hipbone.
  • Avoid wearing shorter pairs with heels, as they will leave an awkward gap of skin at your ankles that when accentuated by the added height, will draw even more attention.
  • Wear longer pairs with sandals or heels for a glamorous, more modern look.
  • For a more flattering look, stick with a dark wash in a thicker fabric for a smooth silhouette.
  • If you are very comfortable with your legs and want to show them off like no other, pick up a pair of light wash jeggings and pair them with your favourite heels. Similar to styling dark wash jeggings, pick a flowy top in a darker colour of your jeggings for women stand out.